Specialty Products

Fine Silver Strip and Powder for Battery Applications

High energy density material used in Aerospace, Military and Undersea Applications. These applications include but are not limited to flight termination, telemetry, guidance control and tracking of launch vehicles, missiles, and other specialty high-reliability devices.

Our products

Fine silver foil for manufacturing expanded surface cathodes

Tab stock and Interconnect Stock

We offer high conductivity materials such as copper, silver, silver alloys and composites for interconnects and tab stock.

Absorber Rods

We produce AgInCd absorber rods with precise specification limits, which are used to control nuclear reaction in pressurized water reactors.  Control rods are assembled into cluster arrays that cycle in and out of the reactor to regulate the absorption of neutrons emitted by the nuclear reaction.

 Our products

  • Rods in various diameters and up to 140” lengths
  • Alloy: 80% Silver, 15% Indium & 5% Cadmium

Silver Chloride Strip for Batteries

These batteries are single use primary cells with a long shelf life used for emergency applications.  Stored in the dry condition and activated at the time of use by adding or immersing in water or adding an aqueous electrolyte.  Silver chloride has superior energy and current density.  Typical applications are military applications, marine use for sonobuoys, life jackets, air-sea rescue equipment, emergency lighting,  and weather balloons.

Our Products

  • AgCl strip
  • AgCl sheets