Contact Strip, Wire, and Rods

Contact Strip

Contact strip can be supplied in customized configurations and dimensions per application requirements.  Alloys that are offered are silver tin oxide, silver-cadmium oxide, and silver-nickel, fine silver, silver graphite, silver alloys, and other specialty materials.

Silver & AgCu Alloys Ag Metal Oxide
Thickness Range .001" - .205 .005 - .250
Width Range .050" - 12.00 .050" - 4"


Umicore offers a variety of contact materials in round, flat and shaped wire formats to support customers involved in the manufacturing of rivets, stampings, and subassemblies.  A variety of coil weights, spool sizes, and spooling configurations offered per customer requirements.

0.02" - .180"


Rods manufactured by Umicore have a diverse range of material, diameter, length, and packaging options to fulfill customer specifications. Contact us with your questions regarding your applications.

Diameter Length
.031" - 1.750" up to 14 ft


  • Low-cost tooling
  • Ideal for feeding into Rivet manufacturing lines


  • Light & Medium duty
  • Automotive
  • Appliances 
  • Residential switches

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