Electrical materials

Umicore Electrical Materials is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical contacts.  Our facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.  Furthermore, strict 5s and Kaizen policies are followed to maintain the most efficient and clean environment.  As a result, Umicore produces high quality and long-lasting products.  Umicore has electrical contact manufacturing solutions for many applications.  Materials used in these applications vary by required use. These materials may include silver and silver alloys, silver-nickel, silver metal oxides, silver graphite, silver tungsten, and silver tungsten carbide.

Product Forms

Umicore Electrical Materials produce products in the form of tape, strip, tips, and buttons.  We are able to manufacture products ranging in size.  As a result, they can be inside the smallest fuse elements to the largest main switch control systems.  Clad metal strip that Umicore produces can have overlays or inlays, or they can be stamped into buttons, as well as other parts.