Contact Tape

Contact tape is precision-formed bonded material designed to meet the requirements of high speed, automatic welding equipment for the manufacture of electrical contact assemblies.  By precisely controlling the thickness of the component materials, a composite material system can be designed that minimizes precious metal usage, maximizes conductivity, and provides a resistive backing for attachment during the welding process of contact assemblies.


  • Conserve precious metal
  • Design lends itself to high-speed welding mechanization  
  • Options in weld projection design to optimize the welding process
  • Low tooling cost


  • Switches 
  • Relays
  • Motor protection,
  • Miniature circuit breakers
  • Control switch devices and thermostats

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Mini Contact Tape

Umicore produces a mini tape (0.014” x .040”) containing a thin layer of Ag-Au-Pt alloy on a nickel base. This precious metals containing tape is used in relays to ensure high reliability of telecommunication and signal networks as well as other premium grade selector switches.