Button Contacts

Umicore manufactures multi-layered button contacts. These contacts are made from a variety of materials ranging from simple alloys such as fine silver or silver- copper to more advanced alloys such as silver tin oxide, silver graphite, silver nickel,  and silver-cadmium oxide.  Fine silver inlays are available for use with silver metal oxide face layers.  Copper is the core layer for conductivity.  High resistance alloy ie. steel, nickel, monel, and nickel plated steel which is used to support weldability. Alternatively, we have brazed backing to support applications in which brazing is the preferred form of attachment. 

Presently sizes range from as small as 0.062" to as large as .437".   An array of weld projection designs are available to optimize your welding process. The choice of the base material, specification, size, and appropriate projection design can lead to a product best suited for your application.  Our technical staff is experienced with these products and may be able to help in your design process.


  • Decrease precious metal usage
  • Maintain lower tooling costs
  • Fulfill bowl feeding requirements


Button contacts are commonly used in applications such as light switches, motor protectors, as well as vehicle controls. 

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