Triply Alloys

Umicore's triply alloy can compensate for internal stresses caused by differing thermal expansion coefficients during cooling.  We recommend triply brazing alloy for applications that require an especially high degree of shear strength.  Triply brazing alloy is used in carbide or otherwise, tipped saw blades and drill bits. This material is used to induce a strong bond in the tips and the base metal to perform in even the most extreme environments or uses such as Mining, Oil and Gas, or in Construction.


Umicore part# Ag % Description Solid Temp Liquid Temp
490c 25 BAg-22 on both sides of Cu 1:2:1 ratio 680°C 700°C
508c 25 BAg-24 on both side of Cu 1:2:1 ratio 660°C 705°C
408c 20 BAg-4 on both sides of Cu 1:2:1 ratio 645°C 780°C
640c 33.5 63Ag25Cu1.5Mn1.5Ni5.5In on both sides of Cu 1:2:1 ratio 730°C 780°C
500c 26 BAg-3 on bothsides of Cu 1:2:1 ratio 635°C 655°C