Brazing Paste

Umicore offers brazing materials as pastes, in addition to solid forms.  A brazing paste is a homogeneous and ready to use materials mixture of metallic brazing powder, flux, and solvents.  Polymers and other additives prevent the settlement of the brazing powder and determine the application and flow characteristics of the brazing pastes.

The choice of paste is made in accordance with the working temperature of the brazing alloy and base materials. The working temperature or melting range of the brazing alloy should be within the effective temperature range of the paste. The effective ranges specified are a result of our own extensive research.

Name Effective Temp
BrazeTec h 90 520-850 °C
BrazeTec s 650-1.050 °C
BrazeTec h 285 540-910 °C
BrazeTec h 550-970 °C
BrazeTec h 28 580-940 °C
BrazeTec h 280 520-850 °C
Umicore Black Flux  
Flux Thinner  


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