Braze Products

Umicore is a leading manufacturer of high-quality silver containing brazing alloys.  Formats include brazing strip, wire, triply strip, grains, powders, and brazing paste. Our products are used in industrial and tooling applications.  Examples include hard metal tipped saw blades, drill bits for mining and exploration, commercial refrigeration, heat exchangers, HVAC equipment and contact material attachment for electrical equipment.

Umicore Electrical Materials unique focus is on the alloys that are used in the mining and tooling industries offering products that offer cost-effective solutions such as low or non-silver bearing grains.  Triply strip which provides a copper core for good thermal and shock protection.

Umicore Electrical Materials North America maintains a focused product portfolio of brazing alloys and flux pastes.  Brazing alloys and copper-based alloys, an important product group within our range.

A significant innovation is a high strength brazing alloy bonded to a copper core to create a triply material. This provides benefits when joining materials with differing expansion characteristics.  We offer fluxing agents that facilitate making a quality braze joint.