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Umicore Electrical Materials is a division of our Jewelry Industrial Metals business unit at Umicore and a leading supplier of performance materials for a broad range of industrial applications.  

We specialize in providing electrical contact materials and silver containing braze alloys. Umicore Electrical Materials  USA Inc is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified. Kaizen practices are followed to assure quality and reliability.

Umicore Electrical Materials USA INC is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of electrical contact materials including wire, strip, as well as clad metal buttons and tapes.

Umicore offers experienced applications engineering and a broad range of material products to help you reach the best solution for your application. Our materials and parts are used in a variety of electrical control and switch applications.

Braze alloys are manufactured and supplied by Umicore Electrical Materials USA to support specialized metal joining requirements.  We offer silver containing braze alloys in wire, strip, and grain. Our product offerings include brazing alloys for tooling, mining, and electrical contact assemblies.

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